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    The NAM brand was created out of passion for makeup, beauty and tolerance, which we want to share with you. It is a completely new Polish brand with 30 years of experience. We wanted to create high-quality professional cosmetics that are aimed at conscious and modern people, people who love animals, care for the environment, and know what their skin loves.

    It took us 2 years to work on cosmetics. The people who created them put a lot of heart, knowledge and passion into them. NAM cosmetics are CRUELTY FREE because we love animals. The paper used for the production of packaging is 100% recycled because we care about the environment. We chose our packaging consciously in order to reduce plastic consumption, which is why most of the products were packed in paper and glass.

    See what ingredients we do not use in the production of our cosmetics.


    30 years of working with makeup cosmetics have taught us that beautiful skin, properly moisturized and cared for, is the basis of flawless makeup! It is with this in mind that our products contain many nutrients. Among the rich product offer, you will also find cosmetics in which the use of natural ingredients is over 90% of the composition. All products are vegan, developed on the achievements of modern cosmetology with the use of a special BEST FILTER NEEDED complex, giving the PhotoShop effect.

    We hope that you will share with US our great passion for beauty, makeup and care, that thanks to US you will love yourself even more.

    We want and strongly believe that thanks to US you will show the world what you really are, that you will free yourself and manifest it loudly!


    BECAUSE we like you just the way you really are!