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    Primers & Setting Sprays

    Oily Primer Vitamin Booster

    A vitamin elixir and vegan masterpiece in one! A makeup primer made of 100% natural vegan ingredients that conditions the skin and makes makeup last longer has become a reality. 

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    A vitamin elixir and vegan masterpiece in one! A makeup primer made of 100% natural vegan ingredients that conditions the skin and makes makeup last longer has become a reality. The OILY PRIMER VITAMIN BOOSTER from NAM instantly nourishes, brightens and smoothes the facial skin. It perfectly prepares the skin for the application of a foundation, facilitating its application and prolonging its durability. Natural ingredients account for as much as 98% of the primer formula.

    The concentrated OILY PRIMER VITAMIN BOOSTER from NAM is rich in natural sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, cherry blossom oil, Abyssinian oil, argan oil and rice oil. Other natural ingredients such as shea butter, pomegranate sterols and Vitamin E wonderfully moisturise, smooth and firm the face. The innovative NanoCacaoTM in the primer gives the skin a healthy glow. The primer has a subtle, slightly perceptible, pleasant fragrance and a pleasant to apply consistency.

    NAM Cosmetic Tips: The OILY PRIMER VITAMIN BOOSTER from NAM is dedicated to combination skin with a tendency to dryness. It facilitates the application of other make-up products, making them spread lightly and evenly.

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    23 ml


    • Vitamin E- a natural antioxidant that will instantly nourish the face, keep it soft and properly toned.
    • Almond Oil (Sweet Almond Oil) - rich in B vitamins, it deeply nourishes, moisturises, rejuvenates and soothes sensitive lip skin and strengthens its natural lipid barrier.
    • Sunflower Oil - contains large amounts of linoleic acid (omega-6), which perfectly balances the activity of sebaceous glands and regulates excessive skin oiliness. It moisturises the skin for a long time and leaves it silky smooth. Eliminates roughness of skin affected by acne. Greatly revitalises the skin. Prevents premature skin ageing. Ensures a fresh and young look.
    • Abyssinian Oil - thanks to its unique composition of fatty acids, it is an excellent dispersing agent for coloured pigments; it facilitates the comfortable application of cosmetics (also colour cosmetics, including fluid) and leaves a pleasant moisturising sensation. It does not clog skin pores. It does not leave a greasy film. It has an unusually high level of unsaturated erucic acid valuable to the skin.
    • Argan Oil - has strong antioxidant properties, intensively moisturises the skin, improves its colour, reduces the visibility of scars and discolouration. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. It exhibits anti-inflammatory properties, soothes irritation and has a healing effect.
    • Rice Oil - ideal for sensitive and inflexible skin. A strong antioxidant. Gamma-oryzanol present in the oil stimulates the skin, accelerates the formation of new cells and stops the skin ageing process. It is rich in ceramides and omega acids. It naturally contains the valuable coenzyme Q10, which visibly and instantly firms, nourishes and smoothes the facial skin. Rice oil is also a carrier of natural UV filters, protecting delicate facial skin against the sun's harmful rays.
    • Cherry Blossom Oil - a valuable source of bioactive materials conditioning the skin, especially if it is problematic, prone to irritation and sensitive. It has an anti-inflammatory, soothing and relaxing effect. It lightens discolouration. It exhibits high antioxidant properties and the ability to cleanse the skin of dead cells. A natural antioxidant. A rich source of alpha, delta and gamma tocopherols and vitamins A and E. A carrier of polyunsaturated eleoastearin and linolenic acids, which form a protective barrier on the skin surface against harmful UV rays.
    • Phytosterols (Plant Sterols) - strong antioxidants which stimulate collagen synthesis and inhibit elastin breakdown. They delay the ageing process, inhibit the formation of wrinkles and promote facial skin elasticity.
    • Pomegranate Extract - gently cleanses and tightens skin pores. It brightens dull, grey and tired skin. It has nourishing properties and a strong antioxidant effect. It smoothes, firms and adds radiance. It visibly firms skin lacking in vitality. It supports the care of acne-prone or eczema-prone skin.
    • Squalene - responsible for the regeneration of the hydro-lipid barrier of the epidermis and for replenishing deficiencies of ceramides, which constitute the cell cement, effectively improving the hydration and elasticity of the skin.
    • Shea Butter - a natural UV filter. A source of vitamins A and E, responsible for the vitality and youthfulness of the skin. It regenerates and nourishes delicate facial skin. It protects it against excessive drying by natural external factors and air conditioning.
    • Nano Cacao - a lipophilic fraction obtained from cocoa beans (nanoemulsified water version - NanoCacao and oil version - NanoCacao O) rich in anandamide – a lipophilic substance also produced by the human brain – which induces euphoria, regulates appetite and relaxes muscles. Relaxation and smoothing of the skin, reduction of skin tension.


    Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii Oil, Squalane, Oryza Sativa Bran Oil, Punica Granatum Sterols, Tocopheryl Acetate, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil, Olus Oil, Theobroma Cacao Extract, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Tocopherol, Prunus Serrulata Flower Extract, Parfum.